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ChiroTouch Custom Exhibit

New Survey Delivers Dream Booth Makeovers & Tradeshow ROI

written by Omar Gutierrez, March 2nd, 2017

There is no doubt that a well-executed display can help an exhibitor create presence on par (or better) with even the largest competitor. It can also reap dividends in leads, customer relationships and new business. But creating just the right display can be challenge—brand, message and the products and services being presented may require a... Read more »

Successful Show Rebrand Brings Out the Best in AGS

written by Evan Garvey, February 25th, 2017

When Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) announced the rebranding and evolution of its premier event, in early 2016, I was surprised. It was already a juggernaut in the tradeshow world, with nearly 500 exhibitors and 5000 attendees. So, why change a winning formula? Why now? Turns out management’s bold move proved a stroke of genius. The... Read more »

LED ePed Table

Coming to Your Senses: Multi-Sensory Events

written by Marissa Khan, February 16th, 2017

Today’s meetings are more than face-to-face encounters aimed at exchanging business information. They’re also one-of-a-kind experiences that attendees find enriching and will remember forever. That could explain why creative show organizers everywhere are embracing the concept of the “multi-sensory event”, which is specifically designed to appeal to the five senses. Interactive touch screens and creative... Read more »

Sponsorship Staircase at TPC 2015

Finding the Holy Grail for Event Sponsorship Sales

written by Ginny O'Neal, February 14th, 2017

There is widespread agreement among show managers—of shows of every size—that sponsorships are now a financial staple for most events. Attracting attendees to paid events require reasonable ticket prices, while creating an event attendees will love means organizers must find the funds to cover the costs. Event sponsorship is the perfect solution. It’s an excellent... Read more »

AGS President - Mark Garvey

Building Better Together: Our Commitment in 2017

written by Mark Garvey, February 9th, 2017

It never ceases to astound me how many different hats our show manager partners must wear to pull off great events. Being good at your job entails much more than simply excelling at what you do on a daily basis. There are shifting trends in consumer behavior and sponsorship management to stay on top of.... Read more »