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Stress-Free Shipping For Your Next Event

written by Evan Garvey, June 19th, 2018

When the Department of Transportation’s electronically logged drive time restrictions went into effect on April 1st, many drivers found themselves driving less and taking longer to reach their destinations. Paired with the fierce bidding wars fueled by a shortage of drivers, shippers are learning that getting freight to arrive at show site on time has... Read more »

AGS Launches Event Incubator

written by AGS President, Mark Garvey, June 5th, 2018

Utter the word incubator, and the mind automatically conjures up images of tech-inspired business-development enclaves. There are several programs in Orlando, where AGS is headquartered, and I’ve seen how these hubs can grow thriving businesses from the ground-up. I love this idea, and the mentality behind it. For the past 25 years, AGS has aimed... Read more »

Inspire. Engage. Connect.

written by Melissa Minkler, June 4th, 2018

An event that achieves this trifecta is likely to have a big impact and leave participants with that holy grail of post-event feelings: glad to have attended and already enthused about next year’s event. Creating memorable experiences for and between attendees, exhibitors and sponsors is an important part of the equation. But luckily you don’t... Read more »

New Chat Tool A Hit with Exhibitors

written by Megan Neilson, June 1st, 2018

Since starting the NELB initiative AGS has focused on transforming the exhibitor experience. The newest NELB tool is GoChat, a live online chat service that gives exhibitors immediate access to our coordinators. GoChat allows coordinators to guide exhibitors through the online ordering experience with just the click of a button. There is an enormous benefit... Read more »

My Passion for Event Design & Favorite Projects

written by Rick Khamraj, April 30th, 2018

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of an innovator, which is why I love working at AGS. This is also probably the reason why I took to this industry like duck to water. Events are constantly upping the ante when it comes to design and branding, and AGS has always committed to offering up the latest... Read more »

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