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Sponsorship Resurgence Brims with Opportunities

Written by Kim Sackett, April 10th, 2018

Now that sponsorship is more prominent than even within the event marketing mix, we’d like to share some ideas we think would be perfect, and very cool, sponsorship opportunities for the floor and beyond. We have had tremendous fun helping execute several of these on a number of recent shows, and, as always, stand ready to tackle the rest! What about having an Escape Room (see photo to the right) on the exhibit floor where small groups could be given a problem-solving challenge related to your industry or profession? Sign-ups would be done through a convenient app. It’s easy than you think, and so are some of the ideas spotlighted below.

Cubicle Labs for Brain Snacks & Fun Talk

Situated on the exhibit floor, the Cubicle Lab is a place where attendees can meet for short dialogues, and small groups can hold “fireside chats.” Click here for one really innovative take on the cubicle lab concept.

Smile Swag

Click here for more info, but the basic idea is to use a vending machine on the exhibit floor that has facial recognition and would reward participants with a prize when it recognizes them smiling. Could be branded with sponsor or association branding and placed strategically on the exhibit floor.

Marketplace Of the Future

The above is recent product spotlight lounge we built where top sponsors put products and new tech, and where attendees were able to walk through and peruse as “consumers.”

Off-the-floor ideas that still help exhibitors & networking

Speed Dating: Attendees would be at tables and exhibitors would line up to have a 2-3 minute introduction

Visual Note Taking: Using this technique to “record” the sessions, and the visuals can be created into a mural or standing cubes that would be located in the main common areas and areas near the exhibit floor

Mentor Meals: During group food functions, offer tables hosted by experienced professionals from your industry. Attendees would sign up based in advance for a table, and tables would be a sponsorship.

Roving Reporters: Select 20 attendees to be roving reporters at the conference, who would then write a post each day to be included on your event website, app and shared through social media.

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