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New Chat Tool A Hit with Exhibitors

Written by Megan Neilson, June 1st, 2018

Since starting the NELB initiative AGS has focused on transforming the exhibitor experience. The newest NELB tool is GoChat, a live online chat service that gives exhibitors immediate access to our coordinators. GoChat allows coordinators to guide exhibitors through the online ordering experience with just the click of a button. There is an enormous benefit to exhibitors with this type of increased accessibility and we are seeing the results. Over the past few weeks we have slowly begun launching our GoChat and we are seeing an overall superior customer experience. Exhibitors can ask questions during the ordering process, request forms, submit orders, clarify booth needs and get answers in real-time! The option to have a live chat has given our exhibitors a channel to get answers and get them quickly while enabling coordinators to be more efficient in communication of our products and services. We plan go live with GoChat on several shows over the Summer and look forward to making this service available for more shows in 2019.

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