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As the Industry Changes, AGS Stays Ahead of the Curve

Written by Marissa Khan, May 16th, 2017

Official Services Contractors continue to be a source of innovation for the trade show and events industry. Despite a tough downturn during the Great Recession, the industry has rebounded significantly.

Changes Spur Innovation and Efficiency
During the recession, a lot of companies, including AGS, had to make internal adjustments that allowed them to weather the lean years. According to Executive Vice President, Evan Garvey, "We didn’t let anyone go... We needed to do more with less, and we emerged as a much leaner, more efficient industry.”

In addition, AGS continues to expand its services and technology in an effort to innovate and be more competitive. For example, the event industry is in the early stages of incorporating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. As this trend continues, we are seeking creative ways to utilize these new technologies to the benefit of our clients.

Where AGS continues to set itself apart, however, is in the realm of communication and client relationships. "Clients aren’t just a number to us, they are people, and we spend a lot of time sitting down with them to understand their goals. You have to ask yourself: how can you help them to do what they do better?"

Read more about how AGS and other Service Contractors are keeping up with changes to the Exhibition Industry in this article by Exhibit City News.

Industry Growth
Although the last quarter of 2016 showed a modest year-on-year decline of 0.4%, according to the CEIR Total Index for the Overall Exhibition Industry, this decline is expected to be temporary. The CEIR 2017 Index Report projects that “growth will pick up the pace to around 2.5% in 2017 before accelerating to 2.8% expansion in both 2018 and 2019." (see below)

Macro CEIR Index for the Overall Exhibition Industry 2017.04.03-CEIR-Index-Release_Figure-1_0_ExpoTALK

Looking to the Future
At AGS, we find ourselves ready to be a creative powerhouse for the next generation of events. Predicting the future is difficult, if not impossible, but knowing where you've come from is the best way to find solid footing for the change that's likely to come.

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