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AGS Debuts New LED Meter Board At The Fund

Written by Aziz Khan, May 31st, 2017

The Meter Board has become a staple in trade show design because it provides high visibility and makes a bold impression throughout an event. Messages can be viewed from one side or two and the sign fits almost any space. These popular structures are also well-suited to larger event venues, where visitors can easily get distracted or lost. Directional meter boards help attendees and event vendors find their way, and can be used to announce seminars and other important event information. Plus, they’re portable, durable and reusable for future events.

That’s why, when it was time to design the creative for The Fund, the meter board was top of the list. The impressive expanse of the show’s venue, the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, required graphic solutions that would successfully direct traffic, showcase sponsors and promote the event’s brand.

Our AGS Creative Services Team went the extra mile, conjuring up an idea that was guaranteeed to turn heads like never before—meter boards encased with brightly-lit, multi-colored LED lights. These show stoppers were a big hit among show managers, exhibitors and attendees.


Here they worked particularly well as a promotional fixture because they were lightweight enough to be relocated and placed near busy foot traffic. Striking detail and flashy, lit images metal panels also brought out the best in the show’s branding. The look was impressive on a 98” x 60” floor stand, where key details were brought to life in large format.

LED Meter Board Features:
• 360 degrees
• Wireless capabilities
• Interchangeable graphics
• Metal: VS45 95.5”
• Panels: 36.5” x 87.5”

Get in touch with your Account Executive if you’re ready to deploy this illuminated enhancement on the floor of your next event.

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