Exhibitors Face Increased Shipping Costs

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16 July 2018

RE: Exhibitors Face Increased Shipping Costs

On April 1, 2018, new Department of Transportation regulations took effect restricting the total daily drive-time using electronic logging to enforce these new limits. Paired with an ongoing driver shortage, shippers in all industries are experiencing delays and rising costs to move freight.

When shipping for a show, Exhibitors should follow three simple rules to ensure their freight arrives on-time and at-rate:

  1. Anticipate Delays, Utilize Advanced Warehouse Services
    Coordinate delivery in advance of events to secure guaranteed rates and ensure that freight arrives at show-site on time, regardless of unanticipated delays. Most events offer advanced services for materials up to 30 days prior to move-in, allowing Exhibitors to avoid the short and hectic direct receiving window at show-site. Contact AGS Expo to discuss this service.
  2. Include Bill of Lading, Label Packages
    Exhibitors should provide the carrier, driver, and GSC with copies of the carrier Bill of Lading noting the origin, destination, method of movement, and other important information. In addition, taking time to clearly label each package of a shipment and remove all old labels will prevent misdirected and lost pieces during transit.
  3. Coordinate With Carriers
    Communicate directly with carriers regarding transit of freight to stay up-to-date with timelines and shipment status. By calling the day-of pick-up or delivery, Exhibitors can better plan for unexpected delays or cancelled shipments and avoid costly late fees.

Exercising these practices will reduce the likelihood of shipping issues which have the potential to dismantle an Exhibitor’s financial investment in an event.

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