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  • assignmentObjectives
    • Completely new booth look & feel
    • Booth design more conducive to 1-on-1 chats
    • Turn awkward exhibit hall location into a positive
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  • assignment_turned_inSolutions
    • Designed an eye-catching, multi-level 20 x 20 structure
    • Open floor plan with private spaces for networking
    • Used tall LED wall panels to gain maximum visibility in a very busy aisle in the hall
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  • assessmentResults
    • 20% increase in leads
    • New configuration fostered more sustained,  meaningful conversations with prospects
    • Real-time, changing graphics more effective  promoting products & services
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I stress about a lot of things when it comes to a big show. But I know I’m working with the best when I’m working with you at AGS.
– NCMIC Team
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