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Booth Rental Offers Inexpensive Makeover

  • assignmentObjectives
    • Update booth with company’s new graphics & messaging
    • Ability to easily change booth look & feel year-over-year
    • Stay around the same price point with  minimal cost increases
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  • assignment_turned_inSolutions
    • Provided 3 booth designs in 48 hrs
    • Affordable rental options from popular MOD series (MOD 1)
    • Handled everything from design to booth install and last-minute needs on showsite (all free services)
    • Customized space with comfy furniture & mount for promotional video
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  • assessmentResults
    • Saved thousands of dollars in discounts on material handling, shipping & booth set-up
    • Able to spend more time focusing on the event, sales prospecting and networking
    • Increased sales by 22% over previous year
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We absolutely love the MOD booths offered for rent by AGS. They look sharp, come in variety of configurations and are reasonably priced. Because of this we’re able to get a new look each year without spending a ton of money.
– Llamasoft
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