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AGS has developed its Modular Display Units with the exhibitor in mind giving each unit a unique design element while remaining effective and within your budget.

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Display Cases

Our Price: Starting at $488.75
Product Description

We offer multiple Display Case options, from our larger Designer Lines, to single display towers. These displays offer a clean and professional organization to any booth, and can open up your space!

We offer three distinct lines – Standard, Designer & Deluxe

These towers and display cases offer these capabilities:

  • Florescent Lighting Displays
  • Glass Doors w/ Locking abilities
  • Storage Space
  • Full 360 viewing capabilities
  • Color and Finish Options Available
  • Sizes 4 foot, 5 foot & 6 foot
  • Includes Shipping!!

The price indicates a starting price for our Standard Line. For more rates and details:

Call our Event Services Team at 407.292.6162 or email for more information.

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