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Custom Exhibit Without the High Price Tag

  • assignmentObjectives
    • Cost-effective option in lieu of expensive rental
    • Create a display to stand out in a busy hall
    • Options for more storage & displaying products
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  • assignment_turned_inSolutions
    • Added built-in circular header in place of expensive hanging sign (no rigging fees)
    • Custom designed boxing rink to support marketing campaign and attract more visitors
    • Integrated storage closet and shelving displays into booth design & footprint
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  • assessmentResults
    • Won outstanding design from show management
    • Increased booth traffic over previous year
    • Open plan allowed for more face-to-face marketing
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With AGS’ free design service, you get your very own booth consultant without all the fees. We gave them our budget, a few ideas, and in matter of days, they designed a stand out booth and setting that were functional and made us look like rock stars on the show floor.
– Biofreeze
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