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AGS has developed its Modular Display Units with the exhibitor in mind giving each unit a unique design element while remaining effective and within your budget.

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Ring Sign

Product Description

All AGS tension fabric hanging structures are made in the USA and are of the utmost quality and durability. Formulate combines state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase dye-sublimated stretch fabric coverings with advanced, lightweight aluminum structures to provide unique design, functionality, and style. The excellence of the Formulate line of hanging structures is simply unmatched!

Size Options –

  • 8’ diam. x 2’h/3’h/4’h/5’h/6’h
  • 10’ diam. x 2’h/3’h/4’h/5’h/6’h
  • 12’ diam. x 2’h/3’h/4’h/5’h/6’h
  • 14’ diam. x 2’h/3’h/4’h/5’h/6’h
  • 16’ diam. x 2’h/3’h/4’h/5’h/6’h
  • 18’ diam. x 2’h/3’h/4’h/5’h/6’h
  • 20’ diam. x 2’h/3’h/4’h/5’h/6’h

This Unit Includes – (8’w x 3’h unit rate shown w/graphics)

  • Dye-Sub fabric graphic (optional closed bottom – additional cost)
  • Advanced aluminum structure
  • Adjustable roto-molded expandable display case
  • Additional carry bag with heavy-duty shipping and storage box(es)
  • 3 Year warranty against defects

This is just one of many variations and sizes we have to offer in this sign type.

Call Nicole or Omar at 407.999.9853 or email for more information.

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