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3D Solutions for Event Managers – Our 3D renderings allow you to “experience” your event like you’re already there, from your show structures and graphics to your show floor

  • Walk through, zoom in, even hover over key structures and spaces to get a real sense of your layout and designs
  • Watch your brand come alive
  • Proof your designs faster & smarter
  • Receive updated 3D & 2D designs during the design and approval process
  • Use 3D proof tagging for insights on design elements
  • Available to exhibitors for 3D booth designs

Traditional 2D Proofing – 2D PDF viewing offers a static perspective, requiring more revisions and even more of your time

  • Difficult to explore full range of design options
  • Greater risk of missing errors during the proofing process
  • Proofing can be tedious… let’s make it fun
3D Designs

Explore our 3D Designs

Click and experience these sample 3D designs and see how we bring events to life:

  • Click and hold to rotate
  • Use scroll button to zoom in and out
  • Click button to open in full screen

Structure – 3D Sample Registration Area

This area contains 6 custom registration counters with side counters. The symmetrical layout creates a very welcoming area. 2 storage units double as additional branding and the help desk is easily accessible.

Environment – 3D Sample Membership Area

This area is covers 40’ x 70’. At the center is a 3 circle tower unit with headers that are noticeable from almost any location on the show floor. The space also contains 2 curved counter units with headers, 2 additional counters and a kiosk counter with custom seating.

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